They say “it’s my story”

They say it’s my story,

They say it’s my chapter,

But what they don’t know is

I have things in my mind

I have things that are still to uncover

There are stories within me,

Each story describe my different opinion,

They wanted me to reveal stories,

But are they ready to listen to them?

Are they all set to understand them?

Let me know you are ready.



Once, I was sitting in my garden, reading a book. My garden, full of beautiful and soothing flowers, plants that made me happy. What made my garden more beautiful was the sunlight. Each and every rays of light fall on a petal brightened them, the sparkling reflects made them more beautiful. Every insect flying in garden made it more beautiful, the buzzing sound of them makes me remind that I’m not alone there, things made me happy when I realize that I share this world with lots of other creatures very different from me and different from each other in their own way.


Life isn’t what you are living, life is what you dream and how you fulfilling your dreams. It’s all in your hand, what kind of life you want, the one in which you dream of something and try to fulfill it or the one in which you dream of something and in morning continue with what you were doing a day before. It’s not always the luck who’ll support you, it’s you who have to be creative and maintain your life on your own rather then just sitting and waiting for the luck to act. So my dear friend, tighten your seat belt, get ready to achieve what you want.